Questions & Answers

Do you develop mobile apps in other languages besides English? Yes, My Mobile Agent 1 Inc. apps develop the app and work with the customer to complete the translations.

What if I don’t pay my monthly fee, will my app be removed from the app markets? “My Mobile Agent 1 Inc.” app will remain in the app markets via your Apple and Android account. However, you will not be able to update the My Mobile Agent 1 Inc. app through your account anymore. Your customers will also not be able access the app content. If your payment is not made on the fifth day after a decline, we will remove your app code, and it cannot be retrieved back into our system.

What type of support do you offer? We assign a dedicated sale associated to your order for the first 60-days of the app building process. When My Mobile Agent 1 Inc. is complete and published to the app, we will continue support via our email ticket system and you can call during regular business hours.

Is there a Refund Policy? Our policy is no refund. This is because we put many hours into each account setup, which includes the My Mobile Agent 1 Inc. app development. We only charge for the account setup. Read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

What Is App Management Service? Sometimes our customers do not have the time to maintain their My Mobile Agent 1 Inc. This can include items like adding new events listing, loading the shopping cart, or other items. We offer a monthly service called “App Management” where our company completes these tasks for you.

Can I market your services? We are always looking for motivated, ethical, companies and individuals to have others look at and could be interested. Please contact the exclusive sales manager to learn more about the opportunities that may exist we at Mobile Agent 1 Inc. will give a referral fee.

Why is there a monthly fee? My Mobile Agent 1 Inc. mobile app does not charge for updates like other companies. Our philosophy is the customer should have access to their iPhone, iPad Android apps and mobile website to perform updates anytime they want. Our account monthly fee includes the cost of maintaining the source code, access to unlimited “Push Notification” messages, analytical reports and many other features to continue building for you My Mobile Agent 1 Inc..

Your My Mobile Agent 1 Inc. app looks custom made. How do you charge such a low fee when others of this quality charge between $3,500 – $12,000? There are other mobile app competitors popping up every day. Many use templates where they allow the customers to build their own app online with buggy software. This reduces the overall quality other mobile apps. Next are the custom programmers who charge thousands of dollars and complete in about sixty-ninety days. We use unique per-build feature software, which reduces our work load and speeds up the process. This allows our “My Mobile Agent 1 Inc.” app to pass the savings onto our customers while producing high-quality apps.